Arduino Bluetooth Connecting to Pebble Watch

We are finishing up a arduino based hardware device that links to an iPhone app we’ve also written to communicate via WiFi.

I was able to snag a pebble watch this past weekend and it is really cool. I quickly wrote an app on the Pebble to sends commands to our iPhone app via Bluetooth which then controls the Arduino via Wifi.

Really however, the ideal solution would be for the Pebble to talk directly to the Arduino via Bluetooth since the Pebble supports Bluetooth and not Wifi

I’ve never worked with Bluetooth myself, and it appears that normally devices like the Arduino or the Pebble are in slave mode and the PC or Mac or iPhone are in master mode.

Does anyone have any advice for the best Arduino bluetooth model that will allow the Arduino to act as a master so the Pebble and the Arduino can connect to each other?

I figured I would ask this in case someone has already figured out that this idea won’t work.

Many Arduino Bluetooth modules can be set to MASTER mode, that won't be a problem.

The key point is to figure out the Pebble communication protocol (like TCP/IP, SYN/ACK stuff)

You will get some tips on

I'm working on multiple languages for Pebble, and when I'm not sooooo busy these days, I'll begin the Pebble-Arduino things.

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I am also looking to do the exact same thing any luck accomplishing this ?