Arduino Bluetooth JY-MCU Module

Hello and thank you! I'm a little new and younger than a lot of you so pardon me for my ignorance.

I have this module and to put things simply, I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.
I read lots of forums and articles explaining how to set it up using a terminal program and RS-232 adapters, and the arduino.

I suppose I'll start with a basic question: What is this module suppose to enable us to do?
Allow me to explain what I think it is suppose to do (at the superficial level).
We connect it to a computer or arduino and program it using the tx and rx pins to recieve and send data according to our desires.
Then we can just power it (so no need for tx and rx because they were just for programming purposes) and connect to it using phones and other bluetooth devices?
I thought I knew what bluetooth is: a simple interface/communication protocol.

The module requires connection to RX TX to communicate. It does not necessarily need programming.

I use it to send data to a laptop. One-way traffic. It uses the serial.print commands same as to serial monitor. No programming. The only work you do is set things up at the PC end. My data is received and displayed on the laptop by RealTerm.

Check this site:

Good luck :wink: