arduino bluetooth module

First of all good evening, second, this is my first time writing an answer here, so i'm going to give my best to explain what i want.

I need to make a school project that is a "mechanic arm" controlled with potenciometers and pushbuttons, the to control of the "arm"(that are 5 servos) i already get it, but that's with wires and what i want to make is wireless, but i don't know how can i send/receive data from an arduino to another using a bluetooth module, i really need help with that, so please if someone knows anything about that share the information with me. Sorry for any kind of spelling mistakes, the thing is i'm not english.Regarding answer

You need a bluetooth serial master module HC-05 and also a slave module. This will make the serial port of the Arduino wireless

but how can i find the mac adress of each one? and do you have any source of code so i can study it?

Here is a library for it. You discover and pair modules through AT commands. This library makes it simpler.

Here is another one: