Arduino Bluetooth Module

Good day everyone, I’ve created my device using Arduino with Bluetooth Module, It was a successful project however I got a problem with Bluetooth Connection.

Because after I get the data from Arduino when the device is in Idle Bluetooth connectivity does not hold. I mean like Bluetooth Speaker when you play Audio it does not disconnect until you disconnect it.

How can I make the Bluetooth connection stable that I don’t have to connect it each time after being idle for about 1mins or more ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Quite possibly an inadequate power supply, but who would ever know? Everything about your project is apparently secret, and only the people with fully functioning crystal balls will be able to tell you anything.

It's not secret by the way haha just want to highlight my problem. But my device is a Low-Cost Spectrophotometer, It's powered through 5V Usb Port Only, do you think using external power source would fix the problem?

My Bluetooth speaker disconnects automatically after a set time if it gets no audio.
I have no way to change it, so it is very annoying.

I am not clear what you are asking.


I have no idea of what your project is about. You don't say what is connected to what, or even who is trying to talk to who, so it remains a secret. I understand it all works sometimes, and I only mention power because, in the light of the minuscule information available, your problem could be fluctuating battery voltage, thereby explaining the intermittency.