Arduino Bluetooth Piconet - Feasibility and Suggestions

So I want to build a home automation system in my room to turn on lights, tell me the weather, play music, etc. I am planning on building it in different modules, one "home base", a lamp, a WiFi connected weather module, and others. I want to be able to send data between the modules and the home base using HC-05 bluetooth modules. Would that be possible? Is there a better way to do it? Also, I would like to have it be voice controlled. I am thinking about using the MOVI shield, are there any other good Voice Recognition modules?

A piconet is essentially an afterthought to assemble a ragbag of stuff that already has bluetooth in it. I submit that you would be better off properly planning and designing a system from the outset. An NRF24 network has about the same price and performance as bluetooth but is designed with this sort of thing in mind. An Arduino base-station could handle the NRFs, talk to the outside world, handle the WiFI weather station, and even talk to the odd bluetooth device as well.

As Nick says, Bluetooth Classic is not the best solution for this. It could be done with BLE but would need true BLE not the cheap UART modules like the HM-10.

Have a look at MQTT and the ESP8266. There is already a lot done for this and you will probably be able to find ready made solutions. The only down side is that MQTT requires a server but this can be something like a pi rather than a full desktop.

Ok. Thanks for the insight. If i were to use some NRF24L01 modules, would i need to do anything special to communicate between 3,4, or even 5 modules?

would i need to do anything special

No, As I said, that is what they are designed for, so you do ordinary NRF24 stuff. They don't even use the serial port, thereby leaving that free for something else, or talking to the outside world.

You might also consider the ESP8266, which is like a little Arduino and WiFi in one.

Alright thanks. One more question. With LED's which is better: WS2812B or Adafruit Neopixels?

I'm afraid I don't know anything about LEDs. I just use them as power-on lights.

Alright thanks. One more question. With LED's which is better: WS2812B or Adafruit Neopixels?

I think neopixels are WS2812Bs.

The generic name is ws2812 LED. NeoPixel is the Adafruit brand name for ws2812 LEDs they sell.

Thanks for the help