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I would like to control my outputs with my android phone. @ this moment im building my own relay shield + an option for bluetooth module. The only big problem I have no knowledge about how to creat a code to get it work. Im new to arduino so i hope there is someone that can help me out.

The way how im going to connect the bluetooth module

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you need to create your own 'protocol'

data will be send as a never ending byte array (stream) so you need to be able to find a beginning of a 'command' and it's end. for example if you want to send two bytes, you can make third byte 0x00 as a 'stop byte' if you are sure, that data bytes have no 0 value. more sophisticated protocols could look like this:

two bytes - unique signature
two bytes - length of a datablock
byte[] - data

if you want to steer a relay, so you dont want to send data whole the time, you can make 'commads' for example one byte - unique signature one byte - command one byte - data

so the command would look like this: 0xff 0x01 0x00 - means disable device 1 (your relay) 0xff 0x01 0x01 - means enable device 1 (your relay) 0xff 0x02 0x01 - means enable device 2 (next relay)

No needto create special protocol. You can use StandardFirmata sketch (Firmata protocol) and ArduinoCommander android application -

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