Arduino Bluetooth send data to Python stuck


I have spent almost 3 days scouting the web for this solution but to not available.

I have an Arduino UNO R3 + bluetooth HC-05 and want to transmit information through Bluetooth to Laptop Win10 + Python Pybluez.

It appears that the only information I can receive using revc in Python are those send through Serial monitor and not Bluetooth. EVEN WHEN THE ARDUINO IS NOT PHYSICALLY CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTER (only through bluetooth), revc still only returns the values printed to Serial.

Attach are the codes for Arduino (text.ino) and Python (test.txt).

The codes above return the following in Python:

b’L\r\nZ\r\nSerial: Z\r\n’

Expected return to be:

Bluetooth: Z\r\n


test.ino (1010 Bytes)

test.txt (965 Bytes)

So you have the Bluetooth HC-05 connected to the same pins as the UNO uses for the Serial monitor and programming, do you see a possible conflict there ?

Thanks a lot. I will try it out once I'm home. :)

But wouldn't the string "Bluetooth: Z\r\n" also be printed out if they both share same Tx Rx?

No, what srnet's saying is you shouldn't use pins 0 and 1 for your HC-05, use some version of software serial on two other pins instead

Thanks it works :-) Solved