Arduino Bluetooth settings

Hii all,

I'm the proud owner of an Arduino BT. I would like to update the settings of the Bluetooth module (visibility), I've already found the documentation and example code on the following page:

The only thing is, I would like to set the board visible for example 5 minutes after pushing a physical button, but this doesn't work. The settings are applied if I upload new code to the Arduino, not after restarting or when the program is running.

How can I change the visibility or name of the bluetooth device without having to upload new code or reseting the arduino?

Regards, Rutje1

but this doesn't work.

What doesn't? I don't see any code.

Hi PaulS,

The code is the same as the example where I linked to:

The name or visibility does change but I need to upload new code before the changes are applied.

How can I change the visibility instantly? Of is there a way to change these settings without having to upload new code?

From your link:

You only have to run this code once. Once you have uploaded it and run it once, do the following:

Re-run your Bluetooth setup process in order for your computer to detect the module's new name. Upload new code that does not include the configuration commands.

The first part of this says that you need to smack the PC around to make it take note of the changes made on the Arduino end. Are you expecting that the Arduino is going to be capable of smacking your PC around? I hope not.

The second part says that the loaded sketch does nothing but change the BT attributes. If you want a sketch that does this AND something else, I don't see why you can't do that.