Arduino BlueTooth Shield and Python Pybluez

I am trying to communicate to an Arduino Uno board (with Bluetooth shield) from my laptop.

I am using the Python Pybluez bluetooth library.

I’ve successfully paired my laptop with the board, and it seems to connect. However whenever I transmit data, nothing happens…

My sketch:

My python module:

My python module prints ‘Connected’ and “Sent data”, however it cannot receive data. It just hangs on the recv() call.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you solved your problem? I run into same issue: I plug in a bluetooth module on arduino uno, and paired it with my Mac. Then on my mac, I have a python program (using import serial) to send command to this uno board to turn on servo, but my problem is I can not find the "Outgoing com port" on mac to talk to this arduino board. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.