arduino bluetooth USB

I just got my Arduino Bluetooth board, and I expected it to have a standard USB connector on it as advertised. It has nothing on it I recognize as a USB port, despite the fact that the Duemillanovaes I see on the web have them. What is going on? Do I have to buy an attachment and solder it on or something? If so, where do I attach it?

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The blue tooth version has blue tooth instead of USB. So you will have to use an external power source and a blue tooth dongle for your PC so you can upload your sketches.

Not sure where you purchased it from but from what i see the description at Sparkfun spells it out for you.

Description: This is the very popular Arduino platform with a Bluetooth® serial connection in place of the USB connection. Now you can have Arduino without wires!

Odd that they describe it that way. An Arduino without wires is a board without a function.

If you wanted Blue tooth and USB you should have gotten the regular Duemilanove and this.

Yeah... I was hoping to use the USB as a quick power solution while I figure out what to use permanently. I'm completely new at this... I'm sure it shows. My next post in this forum is about the core of my problem, which is what is the best power source to use?

Well if you have a spare walwart around that outputs between 1.7V and 5V then cut off the connector and insert the wires into the green srew down connection on the board. Be sure to get the positive and negative correct. Another option would be to go out and get a battery pack. any will due as long as your not putting more then 5.5V threw it.

Do you have an old PC power supply around? If so then use it. Cut one of the molex connectors off and used the red and a black wire. Thats the 5V rail of the PSU. TO power on the PSU without the use of a motherboard take a piece of wire and stick it in the 20/24 pin main connector at the green and one of the black wires. That will power it up for you.

OK, thanks! That helps.