Arduino Bluetooth with game controller

I’m wondering if/how I could connect a game controller (ps/Xbox) with an Arduino Uno. The kit I have came with an hc-08 which from my research won’t work but I’m not completely sure. I’m trying to use the joy sticks to control two esc’s. I’m on a tight budget so if I can get this hc-08 to work that would be best. Thank you in advance!!

You need a module that supports the Bluetooth HID profile. The HC-08 module appears to function as a UART designed for BLE applications. Unless there is a different firmware for it, you probably won't be able to use it as an HID.

Searching google for "bluetooth hc-08 hid" suggests that the hc-05 or hc-06 can be flashed with a firmware that supports the HID profile.