arduino bluetooth


does anyones knows when will the arduino bluetooth be aviable for buying on the internet?



I am really keen on buying an arduino as well (probably the mini), but i am considering sacrificing size and weight in order to be able to flash it via bluetooth as the controller will probably be within a flying object… :smiley:

As per this thread >> (reply #4)
The whereabouts of the elusive arduinoBT should have been a little clearer quite some time ago… ?

I was just hoping that the Forum Admin could give us a little more information on -

  1. Size of the board
  2. of Analog In pins

  3. of PWM pins

  4. Will the board be able to send serial out to the computer / recieve from the computer while the program is running?
  5. Rough date of availability
  6. Rough pricing / pricerange?

Thanks a lot!

So in another post on the forum i found a link to Massimo’s blog which has a bit about the arduinoBT (

I guess it is based on the ATmega168 fyi.

And more news and updates (especially on when it is likely to be available) from the powers that be would be most welcomed!


ps - Also great to see that a S60 cellphone (Nokia 6630 - same one that i have!) is being used. Now i just have to learn python…seems like a straightforward language…!

Hi ! pascal
you can diy a arduino bluetooth by your self , use a arduino broad and a BT module, we already do 4 BT broads . they work fine! there are some info about this in

the tutorial you mention doesnt have anything to do with the actual arduino bluetooth board

the first tutorials will appear on the main arduino website…


No mention of current status or possible launch date? :-[