Arduino + bluetooth

I'am wondering what can be the best solution for my problem. I made a "robot hand" which is controlled by flex sensors, accelerometers and two photoresistors, maybe there will be some more sensors in future. All those stuffs are on my hand(glove) and I want to controll them without wires - through bluetooth. The problem is there I don't know which bluetooth module is the best - fastest and easiest connected to arduino. Maybe someone of this forum can recommend some bluetooth module and give maybe some links where are examples how to work with them?

Thank you, and sorry about spelling mistakes - English is not my native language.

having same problem , looking for an answer also . hope someone can help .

there is BT shield v1.1 that i was looking at:

but i dont know how good/bad this shield is , maybe if someone used before can help.

a popular one is bluesmirf gold fro msparkfun

kinda expensive and has a range up to 100 feet

Bluetooth TTL Transceiver Module w/ Breakout

Wireless Bluetooth TTL Transceiver Module

USB Mini Bluetooth Adapter