Arduino Bluetooth

Hi All,

Looking at starting a project to control a few DC motors through a smart phone via Bluetooth. Looking for an Arduino board that supports both PWM and Bluetooth communication. I

I have noticed that there was a devboard (ArduinoBT) that has now been discontinued that included both PWM and bluetooth functionality. I was looking for an updated model but can't seem to find one on this site, wondering if one is available and if not why this might be so?

Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome,

Any arduino with a serial port, to which you connect a HC-05 Bluetooth Serial module (can be found for under 7$ on ebay) or similar ;)

Thanks for the information but I am already aware of bluetooth modules, I think its nicer to have an all in one dev board and trying to firstly confirm one is not available that is still supported and if not why not?


pay the money and take the choice. It even has room for a clock or something.

Your other choice is to put a $7 module on a development board - just like the all-in-one development board makers do.

np, looks like there are only modules.