Arduino Bluno shows LINK LED, red

Hi all, I am new to this blog and also to Arduino Bluno boards. May I ask for forgiveness if my terms are incorrect. This is my first proper individual project and unsurprisingly I’m having various difficulties. This is one I’m having right now.

I’m currently having an issue with connecting the Arduino Bluno board to my Bluetooth controller app on iOS device called Play BLUno. The thing is, when I connect the app to the Arduino Bluno board (as shown in the attachment below), the LINK LED is red. I have looked up various other forum posts and they all show this as a sign of malfunction, yet they don’t suggest any solutions.
The ramifications of this LINK LED, red, if I’m correct, is not allowing my bluetooth to work. However, when I do send a serial message from the app on my device the board does blink in green for a moment, even though the LINK LED is still red. Bottom line though, is that the message is not sent officially because the Arduino Bluno board doesn’t carry out the command.
The thing is, when I do connect my Arduino Bluno board to the computer Arduino app, the bluetooth does end up working from my iOS device. Also the LINK LED does not show as red anymore!! I really need to figure out why it shows the LINK LED as red when otherwise. I personally cannot find any issues that can differentiate between the computer USB cable power source or simply my voltage supplies on my Arduino product.

Please offer your opinions, otherwise I cannot move on with my project. Thanks in advance.