Arduino Board and IR remote control (solar system)


I am not yet an expert in Arduino and C language as I started using it only a month ago, but I am trying to make a solar controller with an Arduino board, and I'd like to communicate with it by another Arduino that can stand for an IR remote control.


The controller is supposed to be linked to a solar panel, a 12 V battery and a lamp. It must enable the battery charging from the panel, cut the load to the lamp when the battery voltage's too high (above 12V) or too low (below 10.5V), and cut the solar input when the battery is full.

I think I already have the code for this part, but now I'd like to make a remote to change and adapt the values. I'd like to know more about IR communication with an Arduino board, and to have some tips on how to write the code for the remote (which I also want to be an Arduino board, because I'd like my controller to be able to send information to the remote as well, e.g. if it's day or night, etc.).

Thanks for your help