Arduino board and LCD interfacing

Hi All,

I am working on a project for which i need a bigger lcd display(Say 204 or 164). Currently i am using a LCD display (The link is given for the same)

Does anyone know a display which is bigger than this and has the same easyness of connection. Because above mentioned display is very easy to connect and dont need any extra wiring.

Also, i ll be thankful if someone knows about the LCM displays? Wheather they can be used with Arduino boards? Can we display any graphs or curves with the help of those LCM displays. And can we have any colorful displays that can be used with the Arduino Mega?

Thanks for your help!

Type "HD44780" into ebay and take your pick, Lose the 4 bit library and use the LiquidCrystal built in one, its far superior.

LCDs on ebay don't come with shields but 8 pins including power doesn't take too much working out.....

If the display you have is connected with a socket, instead of being soldered to the board, you might be able to just replace it with a 4x20 unit that has its connector in about the same place.

You could make your own shield by mounting the 4x20 to a protoshield. You's probably find there was no room for the keypad, though.

You cold also try one of these, a larger graphic display with a touchscreen.

For something almost as easy to connect, you can use one of the serial or I2C "backpacks" to cut the number of wires drastically. I'd lean toward that because it frees digital pins for other needs.

By "LCM displays", do you mean "LCDs from Lumex with model number LCM-xxxx"? I suspect that many people have used them, because there's a broad mix of makes and models out there in the surplus market. But I also suspect there's a broad mix of interfaces in the Lumex line, so it may not be possible to generalize.


I just finished designing a new shield that will use either the 2x16 or 4x20. it has its own Atmega168/328 cpu on it and is serial interface. It is desgined to be either standalone via serial cable, or as a shield on either the regular Arduino or the Mega. I should have the boards next week.

You talk to it with normal serial.print OR I2C

check out


There's also the Anderson/ Modern Device serial interface.