Arduino board inside a wine box

So this is just an idea that came through my head while I am trying some new ways of making a gift for my friend. I came across the idea of using Arduino Uno powered by either battery or battery bank and an 1602 LCD display at the side or front of the box. I have experience with coding everything and in fact I already have it from my previous projects. The questions now are, is it okay for me to put these things inside of the wine box? What's the power consumption after the LCD display is connected to Arduino Uno?

With that said I am going to build the wine box myself because with all of the items I listed, there are no wine boxes on the market I can buy to fit all of them.

I don't have an Arduino Uno right now but I do have an Arduino Mega2560 board with me, everything I mentioned above will be purchased if it is possible for me to do this project.

Also, there is another question, if I decided to use a switch to control the power on and off, how can I do that with a battery bank, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just connect it to a computer at the end of the day?

What do you mean by a "wine box"? For me it conjures up an image of those cardboard containers with a plastic tap on the side and the wine in a plastic bag inside.

How long do you want the Arduino to work for running on the battery?
Please tell us more about the project other than the fact that it will be in a "wine box"


Well I thought a wine box just means a box for a bottle of wine but apparently it's not? Well that's what I meant there anyways. The entire box will be made out of 1/4" and 1/2" plywood then finished with stain and wax and spray paint. There will be nails, hinges, lock, and couple saws included, but how hard is that to understand? I can do this box on my own with no trouble at all.

I want the board and the LCD to be ran for as long as an hour before the battery dies, I will also use a switch to control the power instead of just draining the battery forever. The LCD will display happy birthday or something like that as a custom congratulation. That's all I can think of to describe this project. Also the time limit is 3 months.

This is what I thought you meant

Whereas I think you just mean that you want to house your Arduino in a wooden box that is big enough to hold a bottle of wine.

Is it your intention to have the bottle of wine in the box also - as a gift?

What do you mean by "the time limit is 3 months" ?

I suspect it would easily run for an hour (or longer) using a pack of 3xAA alkaline cells.