Arduino Board Layout


is there a layout of all the components on the Arduino Board ? eg. What each pin and chip is for etc.. I am new to Arduino and thought i would understand the board and how it works before i starting building anc coding.

Any help would be great


To get a real answer you'd need to tell us which Arduino Board. Here's a pretty in-depth exploration of the Uno: That information will apply fairly well to the Nano and Mega and the Pro Mini if you account for it not having an onboard USB chip. Most of it applies to the Leonardo, Micro, and Pro Micro except those boards use a microcontroller with native USB so they don't need a separate USB chip and they also have a different reset method which does not require the auto-reset circuit. I believe some boards don't use the op-amp on the pin 13 LED and instead just connect it directly via a resistor.

I suspect it may be more useful to study the datasheet for the microprocessor - the Atmega328 for an Uno or Nano.

Most of the connections on an Uno are just a convenient way to connect to one of the pins on the microprocessor.

You can get almost all of the capability of an Uno with an Atmega328 chip, a piece of stripboard, 3 x 0.1µF capacitors, a 5k6 resistor and a USB-TTL cable for connection to a PC. It's just not as convenient.