Arduino board selection

Hello, I am working on 3 phase induction motor.In this project the voltage and current values from the motor are to be displayed on a PC and corresponding graph has to be displayed.Since I am a beginner to Arduino ,Please help me find a suitable Aurdino board with following features. 6 ADC pins compatible with android(Further I want to display graphs on android device) SD card facility to store the values.

If any one has an idea regarding this project ,please help me.

You probably won’t get this all built into a stock Arduino or Arduino clone, but adding it shouldn’t be too hard.

6 ADC pins: All or almost all Arduinos have this, so any of the mainstream Arduino boards will do

Compatible with Android: This one is a bit hard. You can’t just plug the two into each other. The best way to make this connection with via Bluetooth. You can get a Bluetooth dongle that can connect to the Arduino and transfers serial data to the Android phone. From there its up to you to write the app to receive and graph the values. There are also some blog post about making a serial connection through manipulation of the headphone jack, but just stick with Bluetooth if you can.

SD card: You won’t find this built into many boards, but something like the adafruit data logger shield should work well. Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino : ID 1141 : $13.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits I believe it logs any serial data it receives and saves it with a date and time stamp to the SD card.

The boards below might make a good start.

Thanks everyone for their support,
Initially our main aim of our project is to display the graph of voltage and current varying due to the load applied on the motor on a PC, the values keep on changing time to time.
Since i am new to arduino ,please help me in selecting the appropriate arduino board and the programming involved.It would be grateful if the procedure is explained step by step so that i can understand clearly.

if this one is successful we will go ahead with android .

Start by getting yourself an Arduino Uno and getting familiar with it. The Uno has 6 analog inputs and will be the most comparable with any shields you want to add. I personally might side for the Sparkfun Redboard myself, as I love having the FTDI chip, but any Uno like board should be fine.

Look at the serial example code. This will let you send the analog readings to the computer to be plotted. You can look at these in the serial monitor in the IDE, but you can also read them with any programming language and plot them. For such plotting I would suggest MATLAB(if you have it), Python with matplotlib, or Processing. All are high level languages that are fairly easy to pick up, but if you already have a favorite go for that.

Note, when measuring voltages that anything in excess of 5V will be bad news for your Arduino, so scale the voltages down with a voltage divider and provide protection with diodes if necessary.