Arduino board with ethernet and RadioHead compatible LoRa chip?

I have a project that consists of three locations where a Modbus master at one position is reading data from Modbus slaves at the other two. They are currently connected using mobile broadband, but I am looking to replace that communication with LoRa to remove that running cost.

I have managed to build a functioning prototype where an Arduino Uno w/ Dragino LoRa shield requests and receives data from another Arduino Uno w/ Dragino LoRa shield and stores that data.

I then have an Arduino MKR 1300 read request and receive that data using the i2c-protocol, and store it in a Modbus registry.

I am now looking to merge the functionality of the first Arduino Uno and the MKR 1300 into one Arduino device. To do this I need an Arduino-compatible-device that has both an Ethernet port as well as a LoRa-solution that is compatible with the RadioHead-library.

I was hoping that a MKR WAN 1300 + MKR Ethernet shield would be enough, but it seems that the RadioHead-library does not work the MKR WAN 1300. (I need the multi-hop routing from the RadioHead library).

Does such a product exist, or will I have to assemble one myself? I will also need something that has at least 8KB of RAM.

Does such an Arduino-compatible-solution exist, or will I have to assemble it myself?