Arduino boards and power requirements

I have just recently started with the Arduino platform and have successfully completed my first project. However, I am concerned that some low power battery operated stand alone board requirements will not be suitable as the 16MHz clock is fixed. This is different to the Bascom environment where I have used a 32kHz clock xtal for low power where speed is not a factor.

Also, I purchased my board via eBay (cheap) as a Uno but I have since been told that it is a Duemilanove which is a bit different. This board has two LED's which operate continuously and thus draw extra power - maybe I can remove them? Does the standard official Uno also have these LED's?

Perhaps someone can comment about the above? In all, there is so much information available for Arduino and it can cater for most requirements so I will be using it a lot in the future.


The clock speed does not have much of an impact on the power consumption. You can reduce power by putting it into sleep mode and only waking up when you need to do something, google it.

A real Arduino has four LEDs power, TX, RX and pin 13 only power is on all the time and stand alone the TX and RX do not light.

Thanks Mike,

A typical micro power is greatly influenced by clock speed >>10. However, as you say putting it into sleep mode can get around that problem in most cases.

A typical micro power is greatly influenced by clock speed >>10.

Don't mix up computers of the heavy weight variety with micro processors.

You might like to look here as Nick has lots of power saving options.

If you look at the active supply current of an ATmega328 micro as published by Atmel it shows that it is about 0.1mA at 100kHz and at 16MHz is 7mA. A very large difference!

I'll have a look at the link.