arduino booloader

hi i have atmega88+atmega8515 and i want to creat an arduino! i've found this " " what exactly i will change? (in the file) and with witch compiler i can recompile the AtmegaBOOT.C ? i want to run my arduino @8MHZ. plz help :) thanks

Help please :-X

Have you determined that LilyPad bootloader will not work?

the lillypad use atmega168 not mega88 :)

The atmega8 bootloader should work on the atmega88. To burn it from the IDE, select "Arduino NG or older w/ atmega8." You might be able to find a version of this that has already been modified for 8Mhz.

stupid, have you found the way to use the Atmega88 on Arduino? I have the same problem. I have tried this method, but it didn't work for me :(

Arduino never ran on an ATmega88. It used to run on the ATmega8, which is slightly different. The 88 is actually more like a 168 than the 8 ever was, but that means that the mega8 bootloader probably won't compile. And you probably don't want the 2k 168 bootloader in the 8k 88. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to convert either one, but ... not a job for the beginner. :-(

westfw, that's why I am looking for smb, who has already got or made this bootloader ;)

I have tried to use AVR Universal bootloader, but it doesn't work too. The Led L is blinking constantly and I cannot download the program to the chip. Led RX has never blinked :'(