Arduino Boost Psi and e85 gauge code support

I'm looking to build upon a code I found and started running for a boost gauge from Gusmanbro (attached).
I currently have a potentiometer to scroll through boost readings. While I'm working on the enclosure, I'd like to add some features and modify the OLED display to support an e85 percentage readout. My engine does not have "vacuum" so reading INHG is not important. Also considering running resistors if the readouts are not smooth but I'll focus on that later.

Proposed Inputs:

  1. 3 Bar 1/8 npt Pressure Sensor, Boost INHG/PSI
  2. Ethanol sensor with 0v-5v Output, 0-100% E85

Current Coding Configuration:

2.5 Bar Sensor, Input (A0) - bar, display hundredths, display peak for 4000 ms
I2C OLED Output (A4,A5)

Future Coding Request:
3 Bar Sensor, Input (A0) - remove bar replace with BOOST, update scaling, display tenths only, remove peak display
Ethanol senor, Input (A1) - replace Line 1 peak display with 00%, replace Line 2 INHG/BOOST to E85
I2C OLED Output (A4,A5)

I would love to embark on coding this myself but I do not have the time to learn how to code at the moment. Making the closure will be a task within itself. I'd like to get started on this as soon as possible. I have quickpay and paypal.

Any feedback or suggestions are always welcomed.

Thanks for the support,


boosttest.ino (3.5 KB)