Arduino bootloader fot ATmega 128

Hello there

I have a bunch of ATmega's 128 and i wonder if there is an arduino bootloader around? If not can anyone give me guidelines how i can modify it for ATmega 128

Edit: I did abit of digging around and i found that in the actual mega bottloader there are entries for ATmega 128 so probably i only have to alter the make file and compile it for 128??

yes, but depending on your AVR tool set it may or may not compile.
There are some small changes that must be made to the actual bootloader source code to allow
it to compile with the newer AVR compiler and AVR LibC tools.

I've tried to get these changes (which work on both the older and newer tools) put into the
code but so far it has not been accepted.
They seem to be more interested in optiboot now.

When you build it, you will know immediately if there is a problem because
the code will not compile.

--- bill