arduino bootloader : protocol based on stk500 ?

hi all

does the bootloader use the stk500 protocol? when yes, which version?

so i ask because i would like to burn the bootloader on an atmega8 and then probaply use avr studio 4 with avr-gcc to build a hex. and then transfer this hex via avr studio ide.
or is there a command line tool on windows to transfer to hex to bootloader?

thanks a lot for a feedback

i tested it and it didn’t work yo i believe it isn’t compatibel.

anyway, a command line tool still could be interesting


The bootloader is indeed based on the stk500 and loading the code is done through a command line tool called from the ide.

if you look in your arduino directories you’ll find a command line programme called uisp. the only thing you need to know is that
the serial speed is 19200 and not 115200.

have fun