Arduino Bootloader

I think the newer versions of the Arduino IDE (at least 1.6.4 and 1.6.8) are not able to burn the Arduino Duemilanove bootloader... The reason I'm saying this is because when I follow these steps:

(I'm using the first circuit)

the procedure doesn't work when using IDE version 1.6.8 (same for 1.6.4 before I upgraded). However, it works fine when using the older 1.0.5 version on my netbook.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

I'm using Debian Linux in both machines (64-bit on my laptop and 32-bit on my netbook).

buenas, yo estoy teniendo problema para cargar el gestor de arranque en el atmega 328P-PU de mi arduino uno, me da un error que dice que no esta seleccionada la AVR correcta, sin embargo esta seleccionada la uno, que es la que tengo, lo estoy intentando cargar con el programador parallelo

When you say "doesn't work" do you get an error message?

I suspect that you will have to disable auto-reset on your UNO. Connect a 10uF capacitor between Reset (+) and GND (-) on the UNO.

Or use Nick Gammon's bootload installer sketch: