Arduino Bot: Bluetooth Virtual Controller and Path Map, How to...?

I am currently working on a programm for my Arduino controlled robot, in which I want to have a virtual on screen controller next to a map of my bots path.

How do I programm something like this?

Currently I have it guided by an ultra sonic with an Arduino Uno as the brain. I'm now working on the code to make it BT compatable, so it can recieve commands from either my computer or a PS3 remote.

The thought is(assuming I used my computer instead of the PS3 remote as the controller), I should be able to controll the speed(rpm of the motor); and translate that data via wheel radius and time spent at that speed into distance. Then it's just a matter of setting "k" many pixles to "l" many inches/feet/ect.

My problem now is that, 1.) I've never coded anything using a GUI. 2.) I don't know where to start to code something like this.


If you've not coded on the PC before and don't want to go the whole way and program in something like c# using Microsoft's Visual Studio Express line of free products.

You could look at using Python, it has a great user community and has graphic / GUI capabilities

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