Arduino brand Motor Shield (modern -- rev3?) feedback/suggestions

I picked up the Arduino-brand motor shield the other day to save me some soldering (previous controllers have been hand-soldered MOSFETs) However, the motor shield uses D11/D12/D13 for signalling, which means I can't use other SPI accessories, or even use the on-board programmer header. This is... highly inconvenient. I understand this may be for historical reasons, but I can't imagine nobody else has found this to be a hassle? Could the shield perhaps have a jumper for re-mapping those pins? That might not add much cost. Or, even better, just some exposed traces on the bottom you can cut and re-route...

Also, the shield came in a nice box, all colorful, and large fold-out sheet of paper. Unfortunately, the paper contained zero wiring diagrams, or instructions. A quarter was a printed compliance statement, and three quarters were just covered with pretty, but not terribly useful four-color art. The box literally just said to go to for instructions, which is not a very specific link. Typing "motor shield" into the search box on does not go to a page describing the shield. In fact, I still haven't found documentation of the specific pinout of the 3- and 4-pin headers. (I'll crack out the multimeter) Is it really that expensive to print a wiring diagram and a specific link onto that piece of paper that's already in the box? Doing so would have saved me a good 15-30 minutes of time, and my hobby time is precious!

It is listed on the hardware page. There is a schematic available on the motor shield page

It would be OK on the Arduino Megas since the SPI port is on different pins... Perhaps that's the justification (the shield seems to use so many pins anyway that you probably need the an Arduino Mega anyhow(!)

Yes the shield uses many pins. There are I2C motor controllers -- that would make for a better shield IMO.