Arduino Breadboard and Sparkfun USB Breakout

Ive been trying to receive serial from a breadboard version of arduino. I know that the atmega168 is running (its led blinking program) because it is blinking a led on pin 13, however i am not getting any serial back from the code.

The USB>Serial breakout board I'm using is:

And how i have it wired up now (total noob here, so im mostly guessing from what i've read in the datasheet) is by having the VCC on the breakout board and the GND power my breadboard. Then i wired the RXD and TXD to pins 2 and 3 on the atmega168 DIP. When i plug everything in, the light will start blinking, but i do not receive any serial text in the Arduino software. I'm sure its not the program because when i put the atmega back into the NG board, the led blinks and i get serial data displayed as well.

Any help would be great because I'm kinda lost right now.



Did you try swapping the RX and TX connections?

Haha, wow, I feel a bit silly now.

It works perfectly now, thank you so much for your help!!