Arduino Bridge Plugin

The problem that I've encountered recently was that all files from my root directory were deleted when I decided to uninstall the Arduino Bridge Plugin that is used for the uploading code to the bird through the browser editor. I assume that the uninstallation script is programmed to delete all contents of PWD(present working directory) where the plugin was located. I am not expecting to return my data, I only wanted to warn the people and whoever it might concern to not install the Arduino bridge plugin onto their systems. Just for a record, I've used that plugin on windows system.

Could you explain "present working directory"
AFAIK it is not set to delete any major directories / folders.

What did you use to remove the plug in ?

Having tested the plugin installs and re- installs including using such as REVO, CCLEANER, WISE REGISTRY CLEANER I have never lost any data with either win 7 or win 10 x 64 pro.