Arduino broke my pc

Hello guys

Today I connected my arduino with my pc for the first time

And my pc screen just turned black and I can't get it on

What is the problem?

I need to finnish a project so i need help asap


If the Arduino wasn't connected to any external power sources or batteries, the only fault that the computer should notice or care about is a short (from a defective board, or the board being placed on a metal surface or something). But that can't damage the host unless the host also does not conform to the USB standard, which demands that the USB port not be damaged by a shorted USB device.

I would try completely removing power from the system (pop the battery if it's a laptop), letting it cool, and then reconnecting everything - on the theory that you tripped a polyfuse, and the rest of the computer is trying to run and loading the 5v rail heavily enough to keep the polyfuse from resetting.

Usually you need an incorrectly connected external power source and damage to the arduino board (allowing a positive voltage in excess of 5v onto the 5v rail, which is protected from that by a diode, the otherside of which won't be above 5v anyway without either improper connections or a bad regulator) - and since you're connecting it for the first time, that seems unlikely.

Thank you for your quick response i'll try that now!

I read it again and my arduino was also powered with a 12v battery what does this do?