arduino broken?

so i tried to hook up a temp. sensor to my arduino uno when i uploaded all the code and opened the serial monitor i getted some weird readings i tried again and again

then i touched the temp sensor and burnt my finger after that my arduino start doing weird

i can still see it in device maneger and i can upload code so i decided to test if anything was broken i uploaded a code for a blinking led but instead of blinking the led doesn't turn off or the led gives short and fast verry weak pulses


Yeah, you hooked the temperature sensor backwards. Did that once myself and they get very hot. Is your Uno the DIP Atmega? Do you have a way to reprogram the bootloader?


euh..... how do you reprogram the bootloader?

Dual Inline Package. The kind you can pull out of the Uno. If it is a DIP, you can buy a replacement bootloaded chip.

euh... yes i have a DIP =)

slober3: euh... yes i have a DIP =)

Well then you can buy a replacement from several sources that include the bootloader already installed.