Arduino BT <=> Arduino BT pairing?

Has anyone successfully gotten two Bluetooth Arduino's talking to each other? Without an intermediate computer? I'm hoping someone has some documentation and/or libraries that would facilitate this.

Thanks, James


some researchers at my school have done it by using MAx/MSP as an intermediary.

I think it is possible to have them free-associate, and it would be just a matter of setting up the right configuration codes. These codes are found in the BlueGiga datasheet. once you have the right codes, you upload them, reset and run the program once. During that first run the codes (just a bunch of serialPrint commands with codes) reprogram the BT module to make it work differently. It's of course tricky because you are using the Bluegiga BT module to get the program into the Arudino, and to recinfiugre the Bluegiga BT module itself.

If you look at the Playground tutorials page, you will find an example of using the codes to set a new module name and security code.

It would be great if you can get working on it and save the rest of us a lot fo time and effort ;D