Arduino bt as bulk sms sender????

Hello Everyone - New to INT. Max/msp, arduino user and first time poster. Thanks for having me. I have an idea that I don't know how to tackle (because I have no idea if it would be possible to begin with).

I'm starting to get wrapped up in an art project using bluetooth broadcasting. What I want to do is send bulk sms to in range devices via an Arduino bt. I would like to make it a mobile unit (solar) but that's another topic for a later date. I am picturing the following - sending the Arduino BT an SMS from a single cellphone or BT source and then bulk delivery of that message.

Would such a thing be possible?? At what rate(?) can the Arduino BT push data? Can it be set to push data automatically? Does this even make sense?

Thanks Matt

It might be possible, but i don't think it can be done without having a cellphone hooked up to Arduino, to do the sending and recieving.

Arduino knows nothing about SMS'es.

Try to google "Arduino sms", lots of info.