Arduino BT bootload compromised??

Ok, probably I fell in a pitfall I was not aware of. I changed the ECHO behavior of the BlueGIGA chip and probably that was not supposed to happen.

In fact, a quick browse of the bootloader code reveals that it doesn't set the ECHO parameter, and from all the example I've found, that use "SET CONTROL ECHO 0", I suppose that the bootloader itself expects no echo of commands or events on the input line.

Unfortunately changing the ECHO value means that the bootloader behave differently and I'm not able to upload scripts anymore (Arduino gives "programmer is not responding").

What option do I have now? should I use an AVRISP mkII programmer? or is there a simple way to revert the BlueGIGA chip to its default configuration?


Inverno Learning it the hard way ^_

I know this is an old post but for the benefit of someone who falls in the same predicament:

Underneath the BT arduino are jumper solder points for RX and TX. An access to an old computer that has a serial port, can give control to WT11 directly (use the serial program included in windows). Also by reversing the connection of the RX TX jumpers the control will be directed to the ATMega chip: therefore you can program it directly.

This means that there is a chance that the 'WT11' can be 'unbricked' :)