Arduino BT connection refuse

hi, i'm trying to create a connection between arduino BT and flash using the serialproxy xml socket. i am working on window XP. i uploaded the code to Arduino BT and test it use serial monitor, it is working. when i connect up with flash(use FlashConversation example), the serialproxy show that "failed to open comm port-connection refused". ((when i test it with Arduino-usb all the thing are working well)) :'(

//this is my serialproxy.cfg code:

Config file for serproxy

See serproxy's README file for documentation

Transform newlines coming from the serial port into nils

true (e.g. if using Flash) or false


Comm ports used


Default settings

comm_baud=115200 comm_databits=8 comm_stopbits=1 comm_parity=none

Idle time out in seconds


Port 1 settings (ttyS0)


Port 2 settings (ttyS1)


Port 3 settings (ttyS2)


Port 4 settings (ttyS3)


Port 5 settings (ttyS4)


Port 6 settings (ttyS5)


-----my Arduino BT use bluetooth serial com4-------

//output of the flash :: ::) ** Arduino ** Connecting to . . . ** Arduino ** Connection established.

//flash movie show that : :P ** Arduino connected! **

  • Flash: Hi Arduino, can you hear me? ** Arduino disconnected! **

--pl help me solve the problem, Thanks :-[

I answer here to your email

I'm sorry I don't have an arduino bluetooth so I don't really know what the setups are... if you ever find the answer post it on your own post so that others can benefit from your investigation

have you tried to connect to the arduino bt via a terminal? without setting up the serial proxy+flash configuration. if a simple terminal cannot connect then you know that you might have a problem in the connection between

arduino bt - computer (either of the two might have a problem: wrong speed, wrong port etc)

if the terminal does connect but you can't connect to flash you might deduce that the problem is in fact in the connection between computer - serial proxy - flash

good luck b.