Bluetooth board problem with MaxMsp!!!

Running OSX 10.4.8 and 009 IDE version, max/msp 4.6.2. power the board with 5,5 V (+/- 0.2 V), using a Sharp IR range sensor on analog input 0.

I need to read the serial data in Max/Msp, got all the code working and communication is ok when I use the USB Arduino, but it seems that Max/Msp can't open the BT connection to the board on its own: I noticed that the only times (out of countless trials) it worked with BT was when I managed to open the connection using the IDE serial monitor and then start Max/Msp while the connection was kept open by the IDE, then close the SerialMonitor in the IDE, and voilĂ , the data was there happily flowing in Max/Msp!!! Didn't have to do all this hassle with the USB version, cos it's a Bluetooth issue, I guess. A bit ankward solution but the only way I found to use it. So this seems to be the right procedure: Power BT board Open Arduino IDE->Start SerialMonitor, Hardware reset BT board, ONLY AFTER the connection is estabilished and working (->you can read the data in the serial monitor window) open Max/msp and start serial reading, then close the SerialMonitor in the IDE and start rocking.

Anyone got a better method??? Can't max/msp open a connection by itself when you start reading serial data with its "Serial" module? Searched on the maxmsp forums but got no clue about that.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated, hope this post was useful to someone, have bright days, gio