Arduino BT pairs only after reset


I've just obtained an Arduino BT board and am looking to start playing around with it. However, I'm having a problem getting it hooked up to my computer. I've tried with a Windows XP SP3 PC and a Mac w/ 10.5.6.

I know that I have to press the reset button on the board when I upload a sketch (which I haven't been able to do yet.) However, the computer will not even find the ARDUINOBT device until I press the reset button. From that point, it will recognize the device for about 10 seconds, then drop the connection (or simply not work and tell me the connection is fine.)

I was able to get the Arduino 0013 Alpha software to spit out some numbers when I opened the serial monitor just after pressing the reset button. It was a stream of three digit numbers, all of which began with the number 4.

I can get it to pair and have once got it to spit out numbers on the PC. On the Mac, I can discover it but never connect to it.

I put an LED in pin 13 and ground to test, and it blinks three times when the reset button is pressed. I've tried everything except resetting the Bluetooth with pin 7. Would that help? How do I do that?

I've tested multiple batteries, and even checked my battery setup with a multimeter to make sure everything is OK.

I hope someone can help me with this - it is very frustrating to be so close.

Hello again,

I seem to have solved my own problem. My LED is now slowly blinking on the desk next to me.

For future reference, and for others who may need the help, I will explain how I got it to work with a Windows XP PC.

First, I had to pair the device with the computer. This involved pressing the reset button then quickly searching for Bluetooth devices. When the device was found. I had to quickly enter the passkey and then set up the serial port service. I think I was able to press the reset button again and continue where I was in the Bluetooth setup process when it was taking too long (and thus was likely not connecting).

After setting up the Bluetooth link, I opened the Arduino software (0013 Alpha) and selected the correct serial port and device in the tools menu. (You can see which serial port is being used by going to My Bluetooth Places, right clicking on the one under ARDUINOBT and clicking "Properties". Once the right values were selected, I loaded up the LED blinking sample program and clicked Upload to I/O Board.
I have to wait a few seconds after hitting "Sent to I/O board" to hit the reset button on the board. I can't tell you the exact amount, but it might vary based on the size of the sketch.

Most importantly, you don't have to connect the device with the Windows Bluetooth software before you upload your code. This was the biggest stumbling block for me.

Best of luck to all.