Arduino BT power supply

Hi...I'm working on a project using an Arduino BT and I'm wondering if anyone can help me about the power supply, since I've only been working recently with electronics.

This project uses an accelerometer, an ultrasound sensor, a piezo and a FSR (force sensing resistor). Although I don't know if this will consume to much power.

I was probably thinking about using 3 AAA batteries (1.5*3=4.5V). Would this be the best way?

I would recommend using a li-ion(/poly) battery and a dc-dc stepup board to get the voltage up to 5v for the arduino BT.


the Arduino-BT already features a MAX1676 dc-dc stepup converter, so you can directly power it using 4,5V or 3,7V. The minimum input voltage is 0,7V.

I normally use 4 x AA 1,2V NiMH cells with 2100 mAh. They are cheaper than the li-ion but also larger and heavier. The AAA NiMH cells only have a capacity of around 700 mAh.