Arduino BT Project

I am looking to buy the Arduino BT board to do my first project. As this is an expensive board I am not to sure it will work.
The plan is to build a Bluetooth Door Lock.
Want to install a electrical lock on a door then use an iPhone application to launch and send the unlock command to the ArduinoBT.

?? far fetched? :frowning:

This sort of project could be done and would be hard to make it ‘far fetched’.

Could you post some more information about the project: any notes, ideas, sketches and schematics and coding ideas are helpful. Unless this is an end of the project you are mostly seeking help with!

I am actually in the infant stages, I thought of the Idea a couple days ago, listing to the FLOSS Weekly Podcast on the TWiT Network.
A good friend of mine struggles with weak wrists, so this will elevate her from unlocking doors with keys.

I will draw up some designs and post them. I just wanted to confirm that at a high level it will be possible.
I will be asking for help in the future as I can only code hello world!.

Thanks for the quick response…

Have you looked around at other electronic door-lock projects? Because this is the kinda thing you don’t want to make insecure. Especially not if it will be actually installed in a real home.

I’m quite a newbie, but thanks to this (almost always) great community, I have learnt very quick thanks to all you lovely people! Cheers all.


You have a good point and I have thought of it. I work in the Information Technology field and have access to multiple bluetooth Hacking tools to test the security…

It would be funny if someone walks past and their phone rings and the door opens ;D

And the voice-over on the TV commercial says “If you want to burglarize your neighbors’ apartments, there’s an app for that”…

As this is an expensive board I am not to sure it will work.

I feel like such a klutz reading this… I got my hands on a BT Arduino, and the first thing I did was NOT read the input voltage and connected a 9v batt and fried the darn thing… :(.

Next time, I should RTFM!