Arduino BT with Android


I'm trying to connect an Android phone with the Arduino BT, and before I start the whole thing on the wrong foot, I'd like to get some advice. First, there is the Amarino API, but I'd like to make it using Android Bluetooth API.

Is this really difficult? My initial understanding is to connect the Android phone as a client device with a BluetoothSocket for data connection. Is this the right way? Or do I have to use iWrap from BlueGiga? If I can do with BluetoothSockets in Android, how could I find the UUID? Or is the BlueGiga BT module even work as a server? BlueGiga does implement RFCOMM, but in the protocol stack it is underneath iWrap.

I'd like some advice on how to initiate the connection.

Thank you.

Regards, Madu.

Here is a post about the similar project you said. But there is only the part1. It may make progress in the soon future. You can see the part1 first for reference.