Arduino BT

Hello all,
I would like to connect a CMOS sensor to capture Infra-RED inputs. How can i connect it to Arduino BT and transfer the captured data to my mac?
Simply, I am trying to implement the wii remote.
Thank you

What kind of CMOS sensor did you have it mind? Can you give us a specification, a data sheet, or a part number? WHat sort of interface does it have?

actually I don’t have anything in mind, need some help over here. do you have any suggestions?

I am not sure if this is still the case, but I had a lot of issues with the ArduinoBT because the BT module is built into the hardware serial on the board. This meant to upload or to connect to a computer via BT I had to restart the board and start the upload/program at just the right time. You may want to look into a separate bluetooth module for ease of working.