Arduino BT

I found a product called Arduino BT at this url I was wondering if I can buy this pre-made or if I will have to make it myself. I didn’t see it listed in the products section. I was hoping to get two to test on a Bluetooth project at work.

That board was not popular. It has been discontinued. There are other bluetooth shields that provide similar capabilities.

Could you point me towards some bluetooth shields with similar or the same functionality as this one?

HC-05 HM-10 Both are available as modules or on shields.

You might find the following background notes useful

Thanks for the help. I think I found a few things that will work.

Do you really need a whole shield?

Grab an HC-05 BT module off ebay for a few bucks (USD).. and have at it.

(they are dead simple to set up and use IMHO)