Arduino Buggy : Unsure components


I am planning to build an automated buggy (to play football) using an arduino mega. I am a little confused about motors and escs - I was wondering whether the following combination would be alright :


I understand that these are quadcopter components but dont actually know the differences. Any help here?

Thanks in advance.

An ESC is used in an RC car with an RC receiver and an RC motor.

The Arduino is often used with a motor and a "motor driver". A "motor driver" is a circuit board to control the motor, something like this : Pololu - VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier

Some use an ESC with the Arduino, the Arduino is used to create the servo motor signal (somekind of PWM signal).

That ESC is for a brushless motor and can deliver 20A. That brushless motor requires a maximum of 17.5A.
It seems okay.

The difference between a "quadcopter" ESC and a "car" ESC is that the "quadcopter" ESC doesn't have to ever run the motor in reverse. If you buggy never gets stuck in a corner or against a wall then forward-only might work. An RC car usually has a geared motor because running the tires at thousands of RPM's is generally not required.