Arduino build Schematic

A very simple schematic to build an Arduino on breadboard or PCB. This is a very small project and the ATmega328 can be programmed right on the breadboard/PCB using an FTDI. I have also provided a picture of it being built on a 140 pin breadboard and a video in the post.

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The schematic is wrong:

AVcc must be connected to a supply within 0.3V of Vcc (typically the same supply).

AREF must not be connected to Vcc, but just needs a decoupling capacitor to ground.

Both of these mistakes risk damaging the chip.

Also Vcc and AVcc both need decoupling capacitors to ground, close to the device, otherwise eratic behaviour may result. 0.1uF ceramic for both is standard.

1.) Thanks for posting and pointing out the flaws MarkT

IMHO, this type of post is dangerous to new users who may not be experienced enough to know better and blindly follow

2.)The original post reeks of self promotion.. (tsk tsk)..

wanting new users to their site? posting a link back to their site (to a bad project/schematic)

Even if this is allowed I seriously question if this post belongs in the General Electronics (HELP) forum/section