Arduino built in libraries - path?

I've been looking for documentation on the inbuilt libraries and found the existing reference stuff to be lacking a level of detail. I figure the easiest way is to just open the libraries and read the code (maybe not the easiest, but the most reliable).

Anyway, I've been searching my hard drive for eg eeprom.h and eeprom.cpp. Does anyone know where the IDE actually stores these libraries?

Don't you have an arduino-1.0.5/libraries folder?
Something along those lines.
I don't have mine in front of me, but I recall it as being pretty high level in the folder structure.

The system libraries are in C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-1.0.5\libraries or the equivalent for your version of the IDE

User contributed libraries are in C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Arduino\libraries (for my account, of course)

hmmm… its on a mac, so far I’ve found:

User libraries are in \users\me\documents\arduino\libraries

Theres a preferences text file in \users\me\library\arduino

Obviously the application is in \applications

aha… lightbulb moment, I might as well document it in the unlikely event that anyone else is as dumb as me. Click the .app and show package contents, then navigate down to contents\resources\libraries… sheesh that was harder than it needed to be :wink: