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hi everyone i am making solar charger circuit in this site Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Using Arduino in the code solar data is printed to serial but i need to change that with three button to show in lcd
for example if i press button1 it will display the Vin and if i press the button2 it will show the Vbat how can i modify the code to accomplish this , i am open to all suggestions if anyone can help me i would be very apreciated.

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This also has the ability to monitor system
settings through the serial port.


#define Vin 0 // AD0
#define Vbat 1 // AD1

#define Ioutput 2 // AD2 read ACS712 current

#define LED1 12 // red low Vin
#define LED2 10 // green charged
#define ChargeON 11 // charge current on
#define POWenable 3

// for use with PWM DP3
#define FULL 255
#define HALF 128
#define QUARTER 64
#define OFF 0

int x;
int y;

// these two variables can be changes
// for differing on/off times.
int chon = 5000; // charge on time
int choff = 2000; // charge off time

int CP = 310; // charge point variable
// CP sets the battery charge voltage level. Can vary from 300-340.
void setup() {

pinMode(LED1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LED2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ChargeON, OUTPUT);
pinMode(POWenable, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(LED1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(LED2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(ChargeON, HIGH);
digitalWrite(POWenable, LOW);




void loop() {

Serial.print("CP = ");

x = analogRead(Vin);
// voltage from solar panel
//under CP on ADC indicates not
// enough voltage to charge battery
// ~ 0.041 is derived from reading the
// voltage with a DVM
// the dividing by the returned
// int value.
Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print("Vin = ");
Serial.println(x * .041);

y = analogRead(Vbat);
// voltage on battery to be charged
// over or equal to CP on ADC indicates
// fully charged battery
Serial.print(" ");
Serial.print("Vbat = ");
Serial.println(y * .041);

// red LED
if (x < CP) digitalWrite(LED1, LOW);
else digitalWrite(LED1, HIGH);
// LED on indicates low or no input voltage

// green LED
if (y > CP) digitalWrite(LED2, LOW);
else if (y <= CP) digitalWrite(LED2, HIGH);
// LED on means battery is charged

if ((x > y) && (y <= CP) && (x > CP)) {
// check input voltage and voltage on battery
// turn on charge cycle if voltage input
// good AND battery voltage low.

if (y <= CP) { // turn on voltage to battery
// uncomment below will shorton ON time as charge
// nears completion.
// chon = (CP - y) * 100;

// turn on charge LED
digitalWrite(ChargeON, LOW);

// charge switching transistor
// can be pulse-width modulated
// four values are OFF, QUARTER, HALF, FULL
// This uses DP3.
analogWrite(POWenable, FULL);

// print chon value
Serial.print("chon = “);
Serial.print(” ");


// this section read a Hall effect current sensor
// if attached. It read about 510 with no current flow
// 1 amp causes a change of 40 or .2v as measured
// with a DVM. Thus .2 / 40 = .025
// This can be used to display charge current.
// float temp = (analogRead(Ioutput) - 510) * .025;
// This could tested for heavy charge current from
// a nearly dead battery which can be limited to
// a safe value by cutting the duty cycle back
// POWenable to QUARTER or HALF.
int temp = analogRead(Ioutput);
Serial.print(" I out = “);
Serial.print((temp - 506) * .0283);
Serial.println(” amps. ");

delay(chon); // ON wait
digitalWrite(ChargeON, HIGH); // Charge LED off
analogWrite(POWenable, OFF); // turn off MOSFET

} // end if

// turn off charge enable
delay(choff); // OFF wait

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