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Hi I sincerely apologize if this Is not the best forum for my question but I would like to know what is recommended as some of the better references for C++ programming as it applies to Arduino? I am looking for something in book form.

Thanks all!

Are You comfortable with old fashioned, pure C? Lots can be achieved using only that.

STL (Standard Template Library - Wikipedia) is not supported but the rest of C++ seems fine, so you can grab any good book on C++ really

I just googled

arduino programming book

and I can see why you would want to have a recommendation - there are dozens.

I agree with @Railroader, plain C works well. Try a few pages of books that you can sample on Amzon, also start playing with full examples that you can find in the IDE.

And just start trying to read good examples of real Arduino code; what you are planning to do, if it can be stated now more narrowly, might lead you to look at small example programs that come with (or can be found near) the particular sensors or motors or displays or LEDs or whatever you might want to be working with.

Books are good, but these days it might be good to find a series of youtube videos, look for someone who you can endure for 10-20 minutes at a time - the nice old guy or the cute young lady, they gonna be your friend: TBH some of them drive me right TF up a wall almost instantly, so don't feel bad if you can decide after two minutes that it is time to cross someone off the list.

Don't… get suckered into paying for anything delivered online. A book, especially since you have voice a preference for books, will be worth paying for, online courses I am afraid work out better for the venodrs.

HTH and good luck!


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When you’re looking at a program, and wonder what a specific keyword does, simply google C (that keyword).

For the lower level stuff, C is a generic language, and you can read any C reference you want - plus the Arduino platform guides that support the Arduino macros and extensions.

Thanks everyone!

As the @schmarduino is talking about C++ OOP Programming, then why not introducing him to the process of creating an user defined data type (UDT) from the class keyword and then the creation of object from the UDT and then the applications of the methods on the object to get jobs done? For example: blinking L (buit-in LED of UNO) at 1-sec interval.

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