Arduino CAD files for PADS


I asked this in hardware forum, but got no answers.

My question. How to get Arduino cad files, 2009 or Mega, for Mentor Pads. Pads is available and working and I have no interest in EAGLE.

A quick google search reveals there probably isn’t a direct answer.

Is there an intermediate format you could use?

I’m tempted to suggest finding an interest in eagle (this situation proves it has far better support).

How to get Arduino cad files, 2009 or Mega, for Mentor Pads.

I don’t think that any such thing exists. Maintaining parallel CAD files in multiple systems for a HW project is a source control problem that boggles the mind. Despite CC licenses, I doubt that any of the existing published schematic/PCB layouts exactly match the boards that anyone is shipping; useful little changes tend to slip in, and the component selection is “flexible” anyway. (huh: most likely to exactly match published materials: the less-than-scrupulous clone versions where they haven’t done anything beyond manufacturing the designs found on the net.)

If you make one, let us know…

When working with Solarbotics on the Freeduino designs, I found it … workable to import an image of their layout (which was done in yet another tool) into EAGLE on a user-defined layer, and use that as an aid to drawing tracks that duplicated their layout. But I already had a nearly identical schematic…

If you dislike the idea of EAGLE, maybe go to KiCAD which allows conversion of eagle libraries among other things.


Thank you all. Answers at last.

Before I make myself to download that CROW cad (sorry), one question. Are there any export functions in EAGLE, that is, is it possible to store work with some other file formats than EAGLEs own. Or what are EAGLEs file formats.

KiCAD can read EAGLE files, but what kind of files it can write?

DXF would be fine, I think I could import gerber file somewhere somehow, too. Pads knows one other format too, but here and now I cannot check what it is. Proteus? Protel? not Prothel however.

There is of course the fact that the duemilanove and mega are relatively simple. I could draw them myself.
One more thing. I need only pcb symbols, because I’m planning to put together some io, a shield and some cpu card. There is no need to make exact copy of the pc boards.


Aside from native formats (script, etc) EAGLE schematic will export bitmap graphics (PNG) and netlists. There are also some “User Language Programs” people have written to export other formats; a web search for “mentor eagle export” turned up several hits (but I don’t know enough about mentor to tell which ones were useful.)

LMI, were you able to get the board into PADs? I to am looking for the same thing.